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It is important to find the right fit. Make sure that you feel a connection with your counselor, as they understand too that there is a great degree of the function of counseling that is established in the rapport and connection of client with counselor. You can learn a bit more about me and should have any questions, simply use the contact me form on the home page to ask further questions. I am always happy to address questions.

More about Counseling

I utilize both psychotherapy and counseling as a third-tier process that combines the benefits of both into my practice. Although the two aspects of therapy share some similar components, they are different in level and scope. To find out more click here

More about Hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnotherapy can be used to treat a wide array of issues. In my practice, it can be engaged as an adjunctive complement to therapy or as a stand-alone process for those seeking help with specific issues. In practice, I have helped people quit smoking, and work on everything from self-esteem to career aspiration and goal setting with hypnotherapy. To learn more about it you can read further here

Life Coaching

Life coaching provides a process of helping people clarify what it is they seek to achieve in life, to clear away the obstacles for attaining those things, and for revisioning their pathway to better living and optimal strategy and tactical resourcing for doing so. To gain a better picture of life coaching you can read further here



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