The Single Session Approach

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Can one session really help me with my issue?

Some of the biggest steps in life require us to do things we might unconsciously be holding ourselves back with, the fears of non-success, of stepping out, and achieving what we have always thought about. Life coaching is not counseling. In the life coaching relationship, it is about sharing together, as the life coach shares their experiences, moments, and wisdom while helping the client break things down, gain clarity in thinking, examine obstacles, create tactical plans, and address the steps for getting to where they want to be whether that is a job, career, personal goal or anything else aspired to.

Life coaching built on a form of positive psychology, and in the practice, will utilize positive discourse as a way to motivate, sustain potential and establish long-term enhanced values in clients regarding what they want in life. The facets of the experience of engaging life-coaching bring the client into a process of:

Understanding the desire/goals

Simplifying/Clarifying what matters

Unfreezing/unblocking cognitive obstacles

Refreezing/resetting new incepted principles

Provisioning goals and action plans

Fostering accountability for the client’s goals


Check out some of the interesting statistics around life coaching. Often, life coaching can bring about “cognitive diffusion” where we can allow ourselves, in a very gestalt fashion, to see the entire picture in a more distilled way. If life coaching is for you, schedule your session today!




Sometimes we go day to day, dealing with the same challenges and issues, and we try and hide our pain from the world.  Let’s deal with the issue at hand so you can move forward, with better resources and a path to getting better!


# of patients who find a single session sufficient for feeling "very improved."

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